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Internal Pipe Coating Red Deer

Internal Pipe Coating Services for Red Deer. Don’t let the inside of your pipes get damaged. Ask the experts at CCI to apply an internal pipe coating today!

What is an internal pipe coating?

An internal pipe coating is used to protect the inner surface of pipes from the damaging effects of corrosion, extreme weather, and mechanical impacts. With the range of environments and elements that pipes and pipelines traverse, the need to protect them both outside and inside is crucial to their longevity.

How are internal pipe coatings installed?

Under normal circumstances, an epoxy coating is applied to the inside of the pipe through a series of steps which include:

  • Thorough inspection of the pipes
  • Rigorous cleaning of the pipe walls
  • An epoxy coating blown through the pipes using pressurized air

The pipes are then cured and dried. Afterwards an inspection is performed to make sure the coating has completely cured and covered the internal diameter of the pipe.

How much diameter am I losing with an internal pipe coating?

Since the epoxy coating is applied to the inner part of the pipe, you will unfortunately lose some internal diameter. Depending on the thickness of the coating, this loss in diameter is usually a mere two to three millimeters thick.

But remember that all pipes are cleaned down to the very base before the coating is applied. If the pipe is severely corroded before the process, this could actually mean an increase in diameter.

How do epoxy coatings prevent future
damage to pipes?

Pipes will naturally corrode over time. Whether it’s water or oil, gas or grain, the inner wall of the pipes takes the brunt of all that movement. Corrosion and constant battering can break down pipes, which can lead to complete shut down of your operation if not remedied early on.

An internal pipe coating protects the inside of the pipe by giving it a tough, rugged barrier between itself and whatever you’re flushing through it.

Not only does it protect the pipe itself, it also ensures that foreign contaminants never make it inside the pipe, keeping your cargo free of debris or other harsh chemicals.

How long will an internal pipe coating last?

When compared to the lifespan of a new pipe, an internal coating can help keep your pipes alive for many years to come. Epoxy coatings are tough enough to withstand a heck of a beating and can last between 35 and 50 years. In some instances, they can even keep your pipes going for as long as 80 years.

Will an internal pipe coating save me money?

Almost all moving parts will eventually break down. Metal that comes in constant contact with corrosive material, water, gas, and debris is no exception. Getting your pipes internally coated will increase their longevity, saving you money over the cost of completely replacing your entire system.

You also won’t need to hire anyone to repair them in the field or shut anything down when one of them breaks or starts to leak, losing you money in the process.

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We know that every project is unique and therefore has its own unique challenges. Some of the benefits of working with CCI include:

  • We adhere to all industry guidelines, including NACE, SSPC, and API
  • Our large facilities allow us to provide the same consistent high-quality service, no matter the size of your project
  • We have the equipment and certificates needed to complete any in-house inspections


Our facilities can handle projects of all sizes, with 7,200 sq. ft. of painting space, and a powder coating oven that is 260 sq. ft. in size.

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At CCI, we strive to be a world-class industrial painting facility. By trusting us with your internal pipe coating needs, you are guaranteed to receive the highest quality products and services at an affordable cost that exceeds customer satisfaction every time.

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