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Powder Coating Red Deer

Professional Powder Coating Services in Red Deer, Alberta

Powder Coating
Red Deer

Powder coating is an advanced method of applying a decorative or colourful finish to a wide range of materials and products that are used by both industry and consumer. Some examples include Bicycle frames, appliances, metal tables and chairs and automobiles.

 Unlike paint, it does not contain solvents that evaporate in order to stick to the material – but instead use resin, pigments, sometimes hard plastics, and other materials to harden the substance once cured.

These pigments and resins/plastics start out as little chips and are ground up very finely to be put into a powder form, suitable for spraying and coating the material. The material at this time has already been prepared to a white metal (super clean finish).

The charged powder particles adhere to the electronically ground surface until it is heated up to 300⁰F – 400⁰F in a special oven. When curing in the oven, the powder then fuses itself onto the surface of the material.

Powder Coating...How it's Done?

First the desired coating materials are ground together in an industrial mixer until they are sieved into a fine powder suitable to be sprayed.

Then the material that is to be coated, is prepared by having all rust, oil, paint, grease, etc. removed and thoroughly cleaned off and the material evened out. This can be doen by way of grinding, sanding, and general washing with abrasive materials. If this is not done properly it may cause the coating to chip, fall off, or not stick to the surface as well as it should and have an uneven finish.

Once the material is clean and even, the powder is then sprayed toward the object from a gun called a ‘Corona’ or ‘Triboelectric’ gun. These guns charge the powder using friction, so that when sprayed at a grounded object, the static electricity helps the powder to stick to it until it can be cured by heat. Sometimes, the object is heated beforehand to help the powder stick to it.

Sometimes the material to be coated is heated up beforehand and dipped into the powder coating. This is done when the consumer needs the coating to be very thick and is less common.

Once the material is properly coated, it is then exposed to high heat temperatures to help it cure. The thermosetting powder then begins to melt and flow out, chemically reacting to the high temperature and forming a desirable coat on the material or object.

The object is then cooled and made ready for the consumer! This is significantly faster than using liquid coatings.


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Powder Coating Red Deer

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Powder Coating Red Deer

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