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Tank Project

What the project is about

A company in the Oil & Gas industry trusted the experienced team at CCI to handle the sandblasting and coating of an inverted crude oil tank. The project required complete sandblasting of the interior and exterior of the tank, a high-detailed clean, and a full-body coating both inside and outside the tank.


The project was completed within a very limited timeline, and trusted CCI to get the job done without sacrificing quality.

Engineering Specifications

The client had a specific list of their own engineering specifications that needed to be followed, and we were happy to oblige. 

Full Body

Despite its size, the tank required a detailed clean between sandblasting and coating to ensure a premium finish.

Planning Ahead

Regardless of the size of a project, we have a dedicated team of industry specialists who ensure that every job is completed on time and to the client’s specifications. In order to meet the client’s deadline while complying with their specific engineering standards, project planning was an essential part of this project, including pre-work and project meetings. 

Quality Assurance

Once the work had been completed, a team of painting inspectors came to the worksite to perform tests to verify that the job was completed to their engineering standards.

Customer Satisfaction

The sandblasting and coating of the tank passed with flying colours, and the project went exactly as planned. The client was very pleased with the result and that the work was completed on time.

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