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Off-Shore Project

What the project is about

CCI performs an off-shore paint coat system for a natural gas measurement device, which was to be installed on an oil rig in the ocean. Quality coating is paramount for items being taken out to sea, as the harsh elements can be rough on the finish.

Adhesion Testing

The client required a specialized adhesion test to be performed, which required the part to be expertly cleaned and painted with extreme precision.

Engineering Specifications

The project had specific engineering specifications that we were unsure we would  meet, as the client had requested a chemical additive that we could not locate.

Cumbersome Elements

Unique challenges arose due to the large size and complex nature of the parts and painting system, as the heavy parts needed to be raised in order to be painted evenly.

Thinking Outside the Box

The first challenge we faced with this project was needing to come up with a solution for the additive that could not be locally sourced. After a brief consultation with our local paint engineer, we were able to find a suitable painting system that met the client’s needs perfectly.

Attention To Detail

Thanks to the dedicated team of specialists here at CCI, we had just the right man for the job. With much hard work and careful attention to detail, we were able to get the raw metal casting perfectly clean. With help from our heavy-duty lifting apparatus, we were also able to lift the heavy parts and paint them evenly.

Customer Satisfaction

Once we were satisfied with the work that had been done, our in-house NACE-certified inspector passed the adhesive test, leaving the client extremely satisfied.

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