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Powder Coating Project

Powder Coating Red Deer

What the project is about

One of the largest manufacturers of massive industrial vacuum trucks chose us here at CCI to expertly apply powder coating to heavy-duty vacuum truck doors in order to provide exceptional strength and added durability.

Required Precision

Powder coating is an art form. It takes a patient hand and careful attention to detail, as even the tiniest fleck of dirt or the oil from your fingertips can wreck the whole finish of the product.

3rd Party

Since the doors that required coating came from the client rather than in-house, they required a deep clean and polish before the coating could be applied.

Quality of Coating

The client requested that their heavy-duty doors be coated with a standard coating system, but we were able to come up with a different solution for their needs.

Quality Assurance

Here at CCI, we love our clients. That’s why we will go the extra mile to ensure their satisfaction. We strongly recommended that the client consider using powder coating rather than a standard coating system. Powder coating provides additional durability and resiliency, which would be ideal for heavy-duty doors.

In-House Coating Abilities

Thanks to our regulated in-house powder coating bay and our diverse staff of trained painters, we were able to provide the careful precision and detailed solutions that exceeded the client’s expectations.

Customer Satisfaction

They found that our powder coating system saved them money by prolonging the life of their heavy-duty doors and adding additional needed durability.

Powder Coating Red Deer

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